May 2019 - South Yorkshire visitors

A group of model fliers from the Sheffield area spent a week with us flying from our field.
And to add to the fun a cable inspection helicopter happened to stop by and land on our field for a short time.

April 2019 - Happy Landings

Some random clips of planes landing.

April 2019 - Ray's Storch flown for first time

Ray tries out his beautiful Fieseler Storch plane.

April 2019 - Warbird flying

Ian flying his Seafury and Mosquito.

February 2019 - Some amazing days of warm weather

Club members took advantage of some unusually pleasant days in February to get some flying in.

14th January 2019 - Waco maiden

Steve P’s Dynam Waco YMF-5D flies for the first time. Just a few brief test flights in between spells of drizzle.

Its a model of a three seater – pilot in the rear cockpit and two passengers side by side in the front cockpit.

Leisure flying for the well-to-do, 1930s style.
(its actually a model of a 2009 plane which was a development of a 1986 design which in turn was based on a 1934 plane)

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