RC airplane world website – Recommendation

There is a lot of info out there on the internet. Some of it is misleading rubbish and some of it is very useful.

www.rc-airplane-world.com definitely comes under “very useful”. It contains loads of info about RC aircraft – everything from blimps to jets and all served up with plenty of common sense.

Many thanks to Peter who runs rc airplane world for including a link to our club in his club directory.

Yes, I know it should be “aeroplane” world and not “airplane” world 🙂  I’ve taken this up with (British) Peter – he says it was a choice he made to maximise Google hits from our US friends.


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FPV flying at WHMFC

Some of our model flying is “FPV” (First Person View) where the model is flown through an onboard camera.

One FPV plane at the club is a Tundra fitted with an EagleTree Vector flight controller and a Mobius camera on a pan & tilt mount.

Plane weighs in at 1.8kg – as compared to a more normal weight for a Tundra of around 1.2kg – so a bit more throttle and care in cornering is necessary compared to an average “floaty” Tundra.

Battery is a 3S 2700mAh giving a safe 8 mins of flight (plus a number of minutes to spare).

See gallery for pictures.


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